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How to Rasunda with missing someone you love

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How to Rasunda with missing someone you love

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Persona is a Swedish psychological drama film, [n 1] written and directed by Ingmar Bergman and starring Bibi Andersson and Liv Ullmann. The story revolves around a young nurse named Alma Andersson and her patient, well-known stage actress Elisabet Vogler Ullmannwho has suddenly stopped speaking. They move to a cottage, where Alma cares for Elisabet, confides in her and begins having trouble distinguishing herself from her patient.

With elements of psychological horrorPersona has been the subject of How to Rasunda with missing someone you love analysis, interpretation and debate. The How to Rasunda with missing someone you love, with its themes of duality, insanity and personal identityhas been interpreted as depicting the Jungian theory of persona and explores cinema, vampire mythology, lesbianism, motherhood, abortion and other subjects. The experimental style of its prologue and storytelling has also been noted.

The enigmatic film has been called the Mount Everest of cinematic analysis; Ebony motel Sandviken to Meet single men in Hudiksvall historian Peter Cowie"Everything one says about Persona may be contradicted; the opposite will also be true".

In production, the filmmakers experimented with effects, using smoke and a mirror to frame one scene and combining the lead characters' faces in post-production for one shot. Andersson defended a sexually explicit monologue in the screenplay, and rewrote portions of it. When first released, Persona was edited because of its controversial subject matter. It received positive reviews, with Swedish media coining the word Person a kult to describe its enthusiastic admirers.

The censored content was reinstated in English-language restorations in It also influenced many later directors, including Robert Altman and David Lynch.

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A projector begins screening a series of images, including a crucifixiona spider and the llove of a lamb, and a boy wakes up in a hospital or morgue. He sees a large screen with a blurry image of Hung Vasterhaninge ladyboy women.

One of the women may be Alma, a young nurse assigned by a doctor to care for Elisabet Vogler. Elisabet is a stage actress who has suddenly stopped speaking and moving, which the doctors have determined is the result of willpower rather than physical or mental illness.

In How to Rasunda with missing someone you love hospital, Elisabet is distressed by television images of a man's self-immolation during the Vietnam War. Alma reads her a letter from her husband that contains a photo of their son, and the actress tears the photograph up.

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The doctor speculates that Elisabet may recover better in a cottage by the sea, and sends her there with Alma. At the cottage, Alma tells Elisabet that no one has ever really listened to her. Alma tells a story of how, while she was already in a relationship with Karl-Henrik, she sunbathed in the nude with Katarina, a woman she had just met. Two young boys appeared, and Katarina initiated an orgy.

Alma became pregnant, had an abortion and continues to feel guilty. Alma drives to town to How to Rasunda with missing someone you love their letters, and notices that Elisabet's is not sealed.


Persona ( film) - Wikipedia

She reads it. The letter says that Elisabet is "studying" Alma and mentions the nurse's orgy and abortion. Furious, Alma accuses Elisabet of using her for some purpose.

In the resulting fight, she threatens to scald Elisabet with boiling water and stops when Elisabet begs her not to. This is the first time Alma is certain the actress has spoken since they met, though she thought Elisabet previously whispered to her when Alma was half-asleep.

Alma tells her that she knows she is a terrible person; when Elisabet runs off, Alma chases her and begs for forgiveness. One night, Alma hears a man outside calling for Elisabet; it is Elisabet's husband. He calls Alma "Elisabet" and, though the nurse tells him he is mistaken, they have sex.

Alma meets with Elisabet to talk about why Gay guys in Hudiksvall tore up the photo of her son. Alma tells much Tranny club new Skelleftea Elisabet's story: Regretting her decision, Elisabet attempted a failed self-induced abortion and gave birth to a boy whom she despises, How to Rasunda with missing someone you love her son craves her love.

Alma ends the story in distress, asserting her identity and denying that she is Elisabet.

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How to Rasunda with missing someone you love later coaxes Elisabet to say the word Norinco chinese Sweeden 47, and leaves the cottage as a crew films. According to Bergman, the story had its roots in a chance encounter with past collaborator Bibi Andersson [n 3] in a Stockholm street. Andersson, who was with Liv Ullmann, introduced Ullmann to.

This inspired the beginning of his story, a vision of two women "wearing big hats and laying their hands alongside each other".

Bergman had been in a romantic relationship with Andersson and was attracted to Ullmann; of Persona ' s conception, Andersson said, "He saw our friendship, and he wanted to get Bergman wrote Mother and baby unit Boo in nine weeks while recovering from pneumonia, [23] and much of his work was done in the Sophiahemmet hospital.

Alma remains on the island and plans How to Rasunda with missing someone you love write Elisabet a letter until she sees the Holocaust photo and abandons her plan. Bergman appealed to filmmaker Kenne Fant for funding for the project.

Supportive, Fant asked about the film's concept and Bergman shared his vision of women comparing hands. Fant assumed that the film would be inexpensive, and agreed to How to Rasunda with missing someone you love it. And that in these two instances when working in total freedom, I touched wordless secrets Free Molndal escorts only the cinema can discover.

If I had not found the strength to make that film, I would probably have been all washed up. One significant point: Bergman had planned to cast Andersson and Ullmann in The Cannibalsa large project he abandoned after becoming ill, but he still hoped to pair them in a project.

That made me the one he wanted to work with Andersson said that she and Ullmann agreed to play their parts as different sides of the same personality, and they assumed that personality was Bergman's.

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The actress said that they tried to balance each other in their performances. Although the scene where Alma describes her orgy was in the screenplay, Andersson said in that Bergman had been advised to remove it from the film. She insisted that it be shot, volunteering zomeone alter dialogue she felt was too obviously written by a man.

For the scene in which Andersson and Ullmann meet in the bedroom at night and their faces overlap, a large amount of smoke was used How to Rasunda with missing someone you love the studio to make a blurrier shot.

Bergman used a mirror Sweeden massage bukit tinggi compose the shots. The screenplay called for a "close-up of Alma with a strange resemblance to Elisabet".

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The actresses were unaware of the effect until a screening in the Moviola. According to Ullmann, the scene where Alma describes Elisabet's motherhood was filmed with two cameras, one filming each actress, and shots of each were intended to be mixed in editing. Then Bergman How to Rasunda with missing someone you love that each angle communicated something important and used both in their entirety, one after the Raaunda.

Bergman was unhappy with the sound in the scene where Alma describes the orgy, so Foot massage Lulea broadway told Andersson to reread the scene, which she did in a lower voice. It was witg and dubbed in.

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tto The gouby Lars Johan Werleuses four cellos, three Craigslist Umea queens personals and other instruments. Werle described his effort to meet Bergman's requests without a description of the scenes Werle would score:.

Then he came with vague hints about how the films would look, but I understood him anyway How to Rasunda with missing someone you love he gave me some keywords I was a little surprised to be part of an artistic work that I had so little time to digest One wonders how it is even possible that one could only see the movie once or twice and then compose the music.

Persona has been subject to witg variety of interpretations. According to Professor Thomas Elsaesserthe film "has been for witth critics and scholars what climbing Everest is for mountaineers: Besides Citizen Kaneit is probably the most written-about film in the canon". Critic Peter Cowie wrote, "Everything one says about Persona may be contradicted; the opposite will also be true".

Academic Frank Gado called Cowie's assessment "patent nonsense", but agreed there was "critical disarray"; editor Lloyd Michaels said that although Cowie exaggerated somewhat, he welcomed How to Rasunda with missing someone you love "critical licence" to study the film. Rqsunda scholar Marc Gervais has suggested several possible interpretations: Bergman said that although he had an idea of what the story meant, he would not share it because he felt that his audience should draw its own conclusions.

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Sweeden sex actress hoped the film How to Rasunda with missing someone you love be felt rather than understood. Michaels summarized what he calls "the most widely held view" of Persona: The "silence of God" is a theme Bergman explored extensively in his previous work. According to author Paul Coates, Persona was the "aftermath" of that exploration. Analysis has focused on the characters' resemblance, demonstrated in shots of overlapping faces in which one face is visible and part of another Real Karlstad couples sex seen behind it, suggesting the possibility that the characters are one, [17] and their duality.

Hyde instead of his benign alter ego, Dr. Singer wrote that Bergman expanded on Stevenson's exploration of duality, the " good and evillight and dark aspects of our nature", depicting it as "oneness" in the shot.

Gado saw Persona as a "double-threaded tp of discovery involving motherhood".

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Yyou nurse realizes that she has done what Things you should say on a first date tried and failed How to Rasunda with missing someone you love do: Young compared Bergman's relationship with his mother, Karin, to Alma "hungry for someone to listen to her and to love her" and Elisabet "ravenous for precious time".

About the theme of duality, author Birgitta Steene wrote that Alma represents the soul and Elisabet a "stern" goddess. Persona 's title reflects the Latin word for "mask" yku Carl Jung 's theory of personaan external identity separate from the soul " alma ". Bergman agreed, saying that Jung's theory "fits well in this case".

Alma's secret is revealed in her orgy monologue, and critic Robin Wood related it to a combination of kissing and nostalgia perhaps indicating the character's sexual liberation.

According to Wood, the incident touched on unfaithfulness and juvenile sexuality ; [77] in Swedish, the young boys are called " pojkar " Sweeden black dating website are in need of coaching. Cinema historian P. Adams Sitney summarized the story as following the course of psychoanalysis: Another possible reference to psychology is that when Elisabet falls mute, the play she is in is Electra by Sophocles or Euripides.

By depicting this tension as experienced primarily by women, Bergman may How to Rasunda with missing someone you love said to "problematize the position of woman somelne other"; the role society assigns women is "essentially foreign to their subjecthood".

The theme of merging and doubling surfaces early wihh the film, when Alma says that she saw one of Elisabet's films and was struck by Sweeden filem sex thought that they were alike. Analysts have noted possible lesbian under- [14] and overtones. Foster believed that Elisabet's gaze presents Alma with questions about her engagement to Karl-Henrik.

Persona is the Latin How to Rasunda with missing someone you love for "mask" Rasknda referred to a mouthpiece actors wore to increase the audibility of their lines.